Playing Video Games


Gaming is in our blood

Selestial Esports was started with a vision to create opportunity for professional and aspiring gamers while developing a family like community for our fans and members to flourish in. We’re committed to succeeding as a unit, and dedicated to representing our team’s principles of hard work and determination. Our team is made up of some incredibly talented members and a terrific staff who always seems to know when to push the right buttons and how to pull the right strings.

Co-Founder & COO

David Koss


Aporia is a one stop gaming shop, they deliver some of the best apparel in the gaming industry. In addition to this they're collaborating with Selestial to debut gamings first fiberoptic apparel line.


Playing to Win

We're proud to be working with Logitech Gaming. Our partnership allows us to make sure our players and streamers are always using high tier gaming equipment. Selestial only provides the best quality possible to all our members, as does Logitech. Which is why our relationship makes sense.

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